Full-stack Engineering (web) - Learning Roadmap

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Advanced JavaScript

Higher-order functions、source code analysis for Underscore、event loop、asynchronous programming、design patterns

Computer Networking

Communication protocols、Network Requests、Axios source code analysis、cyber security、module lazy-loading、routing traffic


Higher-order component design、Composition API RFC、VUE3.0、vue2.0 source code analysis


Resuable component design、source code analysis for React Fiber、TypeScript、state management、performance optimisation


Node.s techniques、source code analysis for koa.js、middlewares、performance monitoring、microservices

Software Engineering Standard Practices

Git、scripting、unit testing、e2e testing、continuous integration、deployment、decoupling front-end and back-end、mult-repo source control、packet analyser、network address translater、remote fine-tuning、server-x

Wechat Mini Apps (advanced)

Advanced techniques for building Wechat mini apps

Data structures and algorithms

DSA and approaches to solving these problems

Real-life Projects

Production-grade, real-world applications

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